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Wellbeing Program

Wellbeing: a contented state of being happy, healthy and prosperous

We routinely review many important apsects of our lives, from our physical health & fitness to our money & finances, but what about the most vital of them all - our psychological health & wellbeing?

This program fills that gap and provides you with a wellbeing assessment - so you can:
  • evaluate where you are & how your life is going
  • find new or better ways to where you'd like to be

intro - wellbeing program

 What creates our sense of wellbeing?   free sign in
from our genes, temperament & personality
wellbeingpie.png  youngpeoplejumping.jpg
from events, environment & circumstances

from what we do - the activities we engage in

The things we do have a significant effect on us. Studies of twins show that intentional activities - the ones we deliberately decide to do ourselves at work, rest & play etc - account for almost half our sense of wellbeing.

The rest is determined by factors largely outside our control - the genes we inherit (some of us are naturally happier than others) and external events (the things that happen to us & go on around us)

The wellbeing program focuses on the 40% we can choose for ourselves. It measures your wellbeing and, based on your answers, helps identify which sorts of activities could enhance it the most.

The program has been developed by an experienced Chartered Psychologist from established theory & practice. It is backed by extensive evidence that people with higher levels of wellbeing not only feel better but also function more successfully in many areas of life - including relationships, income, work, sports performance and health1.

wellbeing program - 3 steps

1. Evaluate your wellbeing Our online questionnaire measures your wellbeing across 6 key zones - body, mind, mood, relationships, lifestyle & goals. The results show how your scores compare with other people's & help identify where improvements might best be made.

2. Do an activity You also get a list of suggested activities - things you can do which have worked well for people with similar scores to yours. Whether it's one or more from the list or an idea of your own, pick an activity that engages you and give it a go

3. Check the effect Did doing what you did make a difference? In the ways you expected? You can use the wellbeing questionnaire to record the effects, rate the activities and find the ones that work best for you.

The system is continuously updated as new activities & ratings are added and automatically gives you new suggestions, adjusting them to fit your scores & preferences.

You can update your scores and dip in & out at any time - it's your wellbeing. 

wellbeing program - getting started

Personal program The program is free for personal use via a simple sign in

Team program If you'd like to create a profile of your own team or group please contact us for an access code

Organisational program If you'd like to offer the wellbeing program to your employees or find out about our surveys & wellbeing workshops please contact us  

1. Lyubomirsky, S., King, L. A., & Diener, E. (2005). The benefits of frequent positive affect: Does happiness lead to success? Psychological Bulletin, 131, 803–855.