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Wellbeing: for employees & organisations
Written by Mark Millard BSc C.Psychol   

a contented state of being happy, healthy and prosperous

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colourfulbusinessconcept.jpgWellbeing affects performance, at work and in all areas of life. Our wellbeing survey helps employees and organisations explore and enhance their wellbeing both individually and collectively.

Employees - employees get confidential, personal feedback and suggestions for their own wellbeing

Organisations, Groups & Teams - we build up patterns & profiles for different groups of employees so people can work on their wellbeing together

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Wellbeing Survey: Results & Suggestions For Employees

Our questionnaires help employees monitor and manage their own wellbeing. Our surveys provide employees with immediate personal feedback and suggestions:


Personal Feedback & Suggestions

Wellbeing Scores & Comparisons The wellbeing scores and comparisons show  employees how their levels of wellbeing compare with others, in and outside the organisation, and indicate where improvements might be made

Personalised Suggestions Personalised suggestions, based on their wellbeing scores, identify activities and experiences that could give them a boost


Wellbeing Survey: Summaries for Groups, Teams & Organisations

charttotalwellbeingsummarymemyteam.jpgOur wellbeing survey reporting helps organisations assess and enhance employee wellbeing. Profiles are compiled in the usual way - by averaging employee's results into an anonymous, overall summary mean for a group, team or organisation.

This summary mean is added to the employee's personal feedback, so people can see the group results and work on their wellbeing together.

The confidentiality of personal results is preserved at all times and we can provide more customised or formal reporting as required.

Wellbeing Survey Reports: Suggestions for Employee Wellbeing

chartsatisfactionsummarymemyteam.jpgOur wellbeing survey reports provide an overview and insights into employee wellbeing.  They can be used to inform a variety of decisions about health, performance, selection, development, risk assessment, absence and Corporate Social Responsibility

Our reports not only show the levels of wellbeing but also which of the activities suggested to employees have been most highly rated - giving the organisation the option to support them if it chose to.

Organisations can use the free trial first and add reporting later.


  Wellbeing Survey: Special Features & Benefits  

Our questionnaires & surveys have some special features & benefits, including:

Questionnaires - true measures of wellbeing

Personalised Suggestions - solution focused

Survey Reporting - cost effective, even for small groups, teams & organisations


Wellbeing Survey Questionnaire: True Measures of Wellbeing

From the outset we developed our wellbeing questionnaires to provide true measures of psychological wellbeing based on established theories and models.

They are not re-badged attitude surveys, climate questionnaires or stress audits and ask different sorts of questions.

Our focus is on the vital signs of the individual rather than the organisation, which means the results may expand, extend or complement other sorts of surveys and can be put to different uses.

chartpositiveemotionssummarymemyteam.jpg  chartnegativeemotionssummarymemyteam.jpg

Wellbeing Survey: Solution Focused Suggestions

Second, with engaging questions about the individual and personal feedback providing practical ideas & suggestions for things people can do for themselves, our surveys score very highly on the WiiFM factor (What's in it For Me).

Illustration: Personal Suggestions & Ratings
scubadiving.jpg   professionaldevelopment.jpg  firstaid2.jpgarm2screenprint.jpg

Our organisational reports show the average levels of wellbeing for different groups of employees and also which activities they rated most highly, so organisations can back them if they choose to.

Our aim is much more than measurement, it is to help employees enhance their own wellbeing, and to help organisations encourage and support them in doing so.

Repeated measurements help individuals, groups and organisations track their progress.

Wellbeing Survey: Cost Effective Reporting

Thirdly, our wellbeing survey questionnaires and reporting are quick, easy and cost-effective to administer - even for small groups, teams or organisations.

If no organisational reporting is required our questionnaires can be offered to employees as a free, standalone personal assessment.

If reporting is required organisations pay only for what they need - basic online reporting is included in the price and more customised or formal reporting can be provided, including wellbeing workshops.

And it's easy to use the free option first and add the reporting later.


Wellbeing Survey: Further Information

If you require further information or would like some promotional materials for your wellbeing event please contact us  


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