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Written by Catherine Davis   

ParagliderParagliding is an exhilarating sport that offers the freedom of the skies. It is slightly easier to learn than some other forms of free flight and the equipment is more portable, paragliders can be transported in a rucksack and foot launched from a hill side.

Pilots may embark on cross country flights or simply soar where the wind takes them, watching while the landscape unfurls below.

Paragliding presents both physical and mental challenges. You will need to be fit and healthy, with good body co-ordination and an alert mind. Training to become a paraglider pilot normally takes ten days. Introductory sessions, tandem paragliding (where an experienced pilot does the flying for you) and limited elementary pilot certificates are also available.

Get in touch with a local paragliding school, where coaches will help you to develop safely or maybe take a paragliding break or vacation and learn in a special environment. Either way, schools and clubs also provide the opportunity to enjoy the social side of the sport, and members are happy to guide and advise newcomers.

As your skills and confidence improve, you might consider paragliding at a competitive level and take part in local, National and International events.

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