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Wellbeing Questionnaires
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  My Wellbeing - personal assessment   free sign in  

Our free wellbeing questionnaires help you explore and assess your wellbeing

They show you how your happiness, health & wellbeing compares to other people's

And give you personalised suggestions for things you can do to boost your wellbeing

  Activity Finder Questionnaire  
  Wellbeing Questionnaire  

Our wellbeing questionnaires have been developed by an experienced Chartered Psychologist and are available via a free sign in

Groups, teams & organisations also use our questionnaires to run wellbeing surveys and promotions.

Each questionnaire gives you ideas & suggestions for all sorts of things you could do to enhance your happiness, health and wellbeing.

Activity Finder Questionnaire: Like a lift?

The Activity Finder Questionnaire is a quick and easy way to find activities and experiences that can improve your mood, outlook and enjoyment of life. activity questionnaire screen print 480wide.jpg

With just 11 questions it only takes a minute to get suggestions for all sorts of things you can do to get a boost in body, mind or spirit. Activity Finder Questionnaire

Wellbeing Questionnaire: How are you doing?

The Wellbeing Questionnaire is a deeper exploration of your wellbeing with 142 questions covering 7 major Life Domains:

button_menu_09px_yellow_r253g184b19.pngBody button_menu_09px_yellow_r253g184b19.pngMind
button_menu_09px_yellow_r253g184b19.pngRelationships button_menu_09px_yellow_r253g184b19.pngLifestyle
button_menu_09px_yellow_r253g184b19.pngDirection & Goals button_menu_09px_yellow_r253g184b19.pngFeelings & Outlook
button_menu_09px_yellow_r253g184b19.pngYour Temperament & Life Events

wellbeing questionnaire screen print 480 wide.jpg

It creates a comprehensive profile of your wellbeing and makes suggestions for a wider range of activities, exercises and experiences. Wellbeing Questionnaire

The questionnaire can also be used in organisations to conduct Wellbeing Surveys


it's free for personal use