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Land Yachting
Written by Catherine Davis   

landyacht.jpgA land yacht is a wind powered craft that resembles a three wheeled go kart with a sail. Land yachting takes place on open spaces such as beaches and air fields where with the right conditions, speeds of up to 80 mph can be reached. Land yachting may appeal to those who like sailing and/or motor racing.

Land yachting is both exhilarating and environmentally friendly. It also presents technical challenges and the opportunity to compete. While it can be fast and physically demanding, land sailing is not just for adrenalin seekers. With proper training, supervision and regular practice, anyone can learn and become competent quite quickly. Land yachting is enjoyed by all ages and both sexes.

The British Federation of Sand and Yacht Clubs is the central point of contact for land yachting activities in the UK. It can provide information on local clubs that offer land yachting training and taster sessions, and details about regattas and championships. Land yachting clubs also have a strong social side, being the place to meet fellow enthusiasts.

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